OnReal is an innovative start-up based in Milan, born with the aim of facilitating the meeting between offers and demands (goods, services, information) and the aspiration to create a Community starting from the online to land on the real world.
OnReal is also the name of the developed APP and Web application, in which offers and applications are not dispersed in the informal and generalist space of the Internet, social networks or conventional advertising, but are strongly anchored to the territory.

Being able to insert, within a Virtual Sphere following us everywhere during our daily movements, what are our interests, desires and business cards and make them immediately visible to the other Spheres present in the place in which we actually are, allowing us to promote the construction of a new network of ‘authentic’ relationships without sacrificing the dialogue, the empathy and the human contacts of the “here and now”.
In addition to promoting transactions between users, OnReal also aims to develop greater social interaction through specific services allowing the sharing of activities and information in real time. Also this, together with the numerous functionalities that allow the User, being him Private or Company, an extensive customization and freedom of use, makes OnReal a truly unique and innovative tool, which stands out from the other proposals currently on the market.